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Prepared by the Faculty and consultants of the
Long Ridge Writers Group

This test and evaluation will give you important
information about your potential as a writer
at no cost or obligation to you.


We recognize that most writing schools do not require any type of prequalification as a condition for enrollment. We do. And because we are selective, and because we give every student one-on-one mentoring with each assignment, we are able to promise very specific results to those who qualify:

By the time you finish the program, youll complete at least two manuscripts suitable to submit to editors. Youll also write a character sketch, plans for six stories or articles, and eight complete manuscripts.

Yes, were different. We aim higher. Our goal is to teach qualified people how to write for publication and how to sell their writing.

So, in order to find people who are qualified to enroll in our program, we offer this free Writing Test. We strictly limit our enrollment to those who pass it.

Since we begin with better students, its not surprising that we graduate superior writers.

On top of our promise is our unique guarantee:

If you are not satisfied that youve become a better writer and learned how to market your writing to publishers by the time youve completed our program, you can obtain a full refund.

Your responses to this test may also give us an indication of whether you prefer fiction, nonfiction, or both—and which of the dozens of genres of writing you find most interesting.

Of course, your instructor and your experience in our program will be of further help in defining your preferences, and you have total flexibility in choosing the kind of writing you want to do by the time youre ready to make a choice.

Choice and flexibility are two of the greatest advantages of this program: Were dedicated to helping you achieve the writing goals of your choice—at your pace and on your schedule.

How to make this test a pleasant experience

Before you begin, read the instructions and be sure that you understand all the questions. Theres no time limit and no hurry, so relax. On the other hand, dont dawdle; be spontaneous.

  • Read through the entire test before you begin. Follow directions carefully, and complete all seven parts.

  • You may spend as much time as you like on this test, but allow yourself at least one uninterrupted hour.

  • Find a quiet place to complete the test, such as a familiar work area where you will not be disturbed.

  • Relax and write in pen or pencil at a comfortable pace, or use a typewriter, word processor, or computer. There are no right or wrong answers.

We encourage your use of correct grammar and punctuation, but it is not of critical importance at this exploratory stage. If you have a natural aptitude for writing, well recognize it.

Please return this test for evaluation as soon as you have completed it. Your responses will be read carefully. And you have our assurance that all of your responses will be kept entirely confidential.

Remember, if you pass this test and decide to enroll, we’ll dedicate ourselves to your satisfaction and you will automatically qualify for our guarantee:  If you are not satisfied that you’ve become a better writer and learned how to market your writing to publishers by the time you’ve completed our program, you can obtain a full refund.



Important Notice

Thank you for your interest in our writing program.
We are pleased to announce that we will begin accepting
new students in late summer, 2015. Please fill out the form
below and we will notify you when enrollment re-opens.
In the meantime, we wish you well in your writing.




Our program, Breaking into Print, is recommended for college credits by the Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards and approved by the Connecticut Commissioner of Higher Education.


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