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Speckledorf, from the LR website, was kind enough to email these to me so I could post them. DO DISREGARD the mystery guidelines. They have just changed format and when I find out what they want now for mystery, Ill post them here. Meanwhile, the romance and nonfiction info is correct, as far as I know.


Thanks, Speck!


Mary Rosenblum, LR Web Editor




New market Pays 50-99/word or $751-1,500/article   

Bauer Publishing Co.
Sylvan Ave.
Englewood Cliffs  NJ  07632

Phone: (201)569-6699
Fax: (201)569-3584


Editor-in-Chief: Stephanie Saible.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, senior editor
Johnene Granger, fiction editor


Magazine covering "human interest and service pieces of interest to family-oriented women across the nation. Woman's World is a women's service magazine. It offers a blend of fashion, food, parenting, beauty, and relationship features coupled with the true-life human interest stories."
Frequency: Weekly

"We publish short romances and mini-mysteries for all woman, ages 18-68."

Freelance Facts:

95% freelance written
Established: 1980
Circulation: 1,625,779

Pays on acceptance
Publishes manuscript 4 months after acceptance.

Rights purchased:

for First North American Serial rights for 6 months.

Submit seasonal material 4 months in advance.

Accepts queries by:


Responds in 6 weeks to queries.
Responds in 2 months to manuscripts.

Sample copy not available.
Writer's guidelines for #10 SASE.




Dramatic personal women's stories and articles on self-improvement, medicine, and health topics. Please specify "Real-Life Story" on envelope. Features include Emergency (real-life drama); My Story; Medical Miracle; Triumph; Courage; My Guardian Angel; Happy Ending (queries to Kathy Fitzpatrick). Also service stories on parenting, marriage, and work (queries to Irene Daria).

Pays $500/1,000 words.

Does not pay the expenses of writers on assignment.


Short story, romance, and mainstream of 1,100 words and mini-mysteries of 1,000 words. "Each of our stories has a light romantic theme and can be written from either a masculine or feminine point of view. Women characters may be single, married, or divorced. Plots must be fast moving with vivid dialogue and action. The problems and dilemmas inherent in them should be contemporary and realistic, handled with warmth and feeling. The stories must have a positive resolution." Specify "Fiction" on envelope. Always enclose SASE. Responds in 4 months. No phone or fax queries. Pays $1,000 for romances on acceptance for North American serial rights for 6 months. "The 1,000 word mini-mysteries may feature either a `whodunnit' or `howdunnit' theme. The mystery may revolve around anything from a theft to murder. However, we are not interested in sordid or grotesque crimes. Emphasis should be on intricacies of plot rather than gratuitous violence. The story must include a resolution that clearly states the villain is getting his or her come-uppance." Submit complete mss. Specify "Mini-Mystery" on envelope. Enclose SASE. No phone queries.

Contact: Johnene Granger, fiction editor

Romance (contemporary)

Does Not Want: Not interested in science fiction, fantasy, historical romance, or foreign locales. No explicit sex, graphic language, or seamy settings.

Submission method: Send complete manuscript
Length: Romances--1,100 words; mysteries--1,000 words.

Pays $1,000/romances; $500/mysteries


"The whole story should be sent when submitting fiction. Stories slanted for a particular holiday should be sent at least 6 months in advance."


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